At the budding age of three, Hopscotch Shoppe founder, Shari Hegg had already embraced her styling gift. Trekking into stores, she would assemble outfits by style and size, and present coordinated attire to surprised family members in their dressing rooms. At five, her entrepreneurial spirit fully blossomed from bedroom garage sales to livingroom theatre productions where family & friends paid to watch her sold-out extravaganzas.


Fast forward, Shari lived abroad before establishing herself as a hair stylist at elite salons in Beverly Hills. She's run her fingers through the locks of numerous Hollywood A-Listers and an impressive list of style-savvy executives. With first-hand knowledge of quality, hair-friendly products, a gutsy entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion to share style, Shari proudly introduces the Hopscotch Shoppe – where fun and luxury meets.